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Laura Lond, Christian Author

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"Conspiracy, mystery, intrigue and humor, all of the elements that make for a good read."      - Reader Views

Having done his best to fulfill the commission given him by a supernatural messenger, yet apparently having failed to do so, Jecosan and his friends find themselves running for their lives from the wrath of King Alvard III. When the king pays dearly for his mistake, the nine-year-old Princess Arvelina is elevated to a position she could not have anticipated.
While the Meorian army marches toward Tirgan, to destroy the Book of Light as originally planned by Alvard, it seems all hope is lost to stop a war between the two nations as the Tirganians have begun moving their troops in response. Disobedience, although done out of best intentions, throws the conflict into an event of extortion of life and death, leaving the Tirganian king, Ez-Keramon, to decide the fate of a dearly beloved young man. Without intervention by the Lord of the heavens the two nations are facing the judgment of a blood bath. Individual character qualities and actions bring to each their own penalties and rewards, as well as the effect they have on others.

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