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Laura Lond, Christian Author

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"Reading this thoroughly enjoyable story will change you, if you let it. It illustrates the basic principles of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and reaping what you sow."
                                                 - M. Luttrell, a homeschooling mom

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Having completed his difficult journey, Jeco makes it to his destination the king’s palace in Kanavar  but so has his enemy, whom he is yet to discover. Jeco enters in service to the king as a kitchen worker, proving himself worthy of the task and more. Still, he has much to learn while looking to fulfill his purpose.
Although court life is luxurious and splendid, it is also complicated, with its hidden laws and unspoken rules. King Alvard III is a young and ambitious monarch whose hot temper is only restrained by one fearless lord, and in the presence of his sister, Princess Arvelina. Seeking counsel from the magician Henky-Roo, the king orders for the ancient Book of Light to be stolen from the neighboring kingdom of Tirgan. Little does he know that in doing so he may destroy his own country and people. Reports of a mysterious horseman being seen throughout the area thwarting the army and deterring the plans against Tirgan only infuriate the king.